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How to Measure Yourself for Shirts, Vests, and Belts

How to Measure Yourself for Shirts, Vests, And Belts | Krisar Clothing How To Style Guide

Knowing your size in different clothing can save you a lot of time when you're shopping. Knowing how to measure yourself for things like dress shirts, vests, and belts is especially helpful since they aren't things you may routinely shop for.

Shirts off the rack are often sized Small, Medium, Large, etc., but dress shirts are sized differently. They are based on the size of the neck and the sleeve length. The neck size is measured in inches around the neck, where the buttoned collar will be. The sleeve length is measured from the middle of the back to where you'd like your sleeve to end. For example, a dress shirt sized 16-32/33 will have a neck measurement of 16 inches and a sleeve length of between 32 and 33 inches. If you don't have a measuring tape to do the exact measurement, it's helpful to know that a man who wears a size Small in other shirts will often fit well into a dress shirt with a neck size of 14-14 1/2. A Medium size would approximately equate to a 15-15 1/2 neck size, while a Large would be 16-16 1/2, and an Extra Large would be 17-17 1/2. It's most accurate to use a measuring tape, but in a pinch, these sizes should work.

Vest sizes for men and boys vary with the manufacturer. The design of the vest can change the sizing, and sometimes a particular cut of the vest will make it difficult to determine the best size. Some men's vests will offer a chest size to accompany the letter size, S, M, L, etc. This measurement is taken in inches around the torso under the armpits, at the widest point of the chest. All of Krisar Clothing vests are sized in letters, but also have the chest measurements to accompany them, making it easier for you to determine which size will fit you best.

Krisar Clothing vests for boys are based on the age of the boy, so if you're shopping for a ten year-old, you would likely choose a size 10. As with men's vests, the cut and design of the boys' vests can make sizing difficult, and boys' vests do not typically offer a chest size.

Measuring yourself for a belt is very straightforward, though many men do it incorrectly and end up with the wrong size belt. A belt is not measured from one end to the other. If you purchase a belt that way, it will definitely be the wrong size. Belt sizes are determined by the measurement from where the buckle attaches to the belt to the third or middle hole on the belt. If you have a belt that fits you well and you want to make sure you order one that is the correct size, simply measure from the buckle to the hole you regularly use and that will be the size you should order.

A unique feature of Krisar Clothing belts is that they all have removable buckles, so you can remove the buckle to shorten the belt or to swap it out for another buckle of your choice.

We want you to get exactly the right clothing and accessories in the right sizes. Who needs the hassle of returning an incorrectly sized garment? With these measurement tips, we're sure you'll get just what you need on the very first try.


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