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Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

Long sleeve dress shirts give men flexible wardrobe options. Whether you’re sporting a vest and bowtie set or seeking a casually upscale look, long sleeve dress shirts complement almost any outfit. They work just as well in the boardroom as they do at an informal cocktail party.

Krisar Clothing offers long sleeve dress shirts to complete your men’s wear wardrobe. Our shirts are comfortable, affordable, and made to fit perfectly from the first wear to the last. Why should you get your long sleeve dress shirts from Krisar Clothing?

Color Options

Krisar Clothing’s collection of long sleeve dress shirts come in 24 brilliant colors. With so many choices, you could wear the same suit every day for a month and achieve a different look each time. Show your fun yet professional side with purple indigo, powder blue, mint green, and burnt orange. Stick to a classic and clean aesthetic with black, brown, white, or cream. Experiment with hot pink fuchsia, lavender purple, yellow, and gold. Find long sleeve dress shirts to showcase all the parts of your personality at Krisar Clothing.

Sizes for

Krisar Clothing believes men of all body types should be able to find dress shirts that make them look and feel good. Whether you’re slim and athletic or big and tall, Krisar Clothing has a shirt that will take your formal wear from regular to regal. Many of our shirts offer different neck sizes and sleeve lengths, so you will find shirt that is comfortable to wear and a neat fit.

Easy Maintenance

The long sleeve dress shirts at Krisar Clothing are made from clean cotton fabrics. Cotton is known to be easy to clean. Wrinkles and stains are easy to remove. You can enjoy social functions without worrying about ruining a delicate garment. These long sleeve dress shirts can hold up to the daily wear and tear of life without fading, fraying, or shrinking.

Durable Construction

When you invest in your wardrobe, you want your pieces to last. Our long sleeve dress shirts are made from strong cotton fibers that resist holes, stains, and stretching. Cross stitching keeps buttons firmly in place, no matter how hard you play. Single-needle tailoring creates sturdy seams that are still comfortable to wear. The long sleeve dress shirts from Krisar Clothing are built to last.

Popular Styling Options

You don’t have to look like everyone else when wearing your suit. Besides multiple color options, Krisar Clothing’s long sleeve dress shirts give you some of the most popular features in men’s fashion. The relaxed fit, long tails, and fused collar and cuffs are the same details you’ll find in higher-priced designer pieces. Krisar Clothing’s collection of long sleeve dress shirts prove that you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve a cultured look.

Krisar Clothing Customer Service

All of our men’s wear and accessories are backed by the Krisar Clothing guarantee. You also receive premier customer service and our no-hassle return policy. If your item doesn’t meet your standards, our friendly representatives will work with you to find something that fills your needs. We are always happy to provide our customers with any assistance or information at all stages of the purchasing process. When you buy long sleeve shirts from Krisar Clothing, you get more than a good-looking garment at a reasonable price. You also get peace of mind with the Krisar Clothing guarantee.