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How to Tie a Bow Tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Completed Bowtie Knot

The bowtie is an irreplaceable part of men's fashion, whether as a mark of sophistication, intellect, or even whimsy. Learning to tie a bowtie can be challenging; it's certainly a tougher knot to learn than the most common necktie knots such as the four-in-hand or windsor knots, but here at Krisar Clothing we know you're up to the challenge. We've put together a series of helpful illustrations that will teach you how to tie that knot like a pro and graduate from clip-on bowties to self-tie bowties.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 1

Step 1:

Begin with the tie around your neck, draped on the front of your shirt with the left-hand side slightly longer.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 2

Step 2:

Take the right hand side of the tie and pinch it back across the front, revealing the main bow shape.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 3

Step 3:

Now take the longer left-hand side and bring it straight up across the middle of the bow shape formed by the right-hand side.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 4

Step 4:

Wrap the longer side down behind the bow, forming a complete loop around the center of the bow.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 5

Step 5:

Now, mirroring the bow shape you made in step 2, fold the long side back on itself to form a second bow shape.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 6

Step 6:

Feed the new bow shape back through the loop until it is centered within the loop.

How To Tie A Bow Tie | Step 7

Step 7:

Tug the knot to tighten the loop once it's centered on both bow shapes.


You did it! Like we said before, the bowtie can be a difficult knot to master, so give yourself plenty of practice and don't get frustrated. Want to shop the look? Check out the Biagio Men's 100% Cotton dress shirt paired with a Biagio Silk Bowtie.


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