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How to Tie a Victorian Ascot

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot

The ascot is an incredibly flexible fashion accessory suitable both for formal wear and smart casual wear as well. You'll see the victorian ascot at black tie galas, on the red carpet, or even tucked inside a casual button-down/blazer combination. Once you've discovered the simplicity, versatility, and elegance of the ascot, you'll wonder why you didn't add this incredible piece to your wardrobe a long time ago. Many people assume that the ascot is difficult and complicated to tie, however it's actually a very simple and forgiving knot. Here at Krisar Clothing we offer a wide array of ascots for sale and we want to make sure all of our customers have a good understand of how to tie an ascot, and we think that once you review the basic steps below, you'll be kicking yourself for not giving the ascot a try much sooner.

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot | Step 1

Step 1:

Begin by draping the ascot around your neck, with the ends laying flat on your chest. One side should be longer than they other as shown.

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot | Step 2

Step 2:

Cross the longer end of the ascot over the shorter end as shown.

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot | Step 3

Step 3:

Now take the longer end that you just crossed over, and pull it up under your chin beneath the other side. Pull the long end all the way up, straightening the ascot around your neck for a snug fit. It does not need to be too tight.

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot | Step 4

Step 4:

Lay the long end back down on your chest, and ideally the two ends will be about the same length at this point.

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot | Step 5

Step 5:

Straighten and pull the two sides of the ascot wide for an even and tidy look.

How To Tie A Victorian Ascot | Step 6

Step 6:

Tuck the ascot back into your waistcoat and you're all set! Keep in mind this assumes you're wearing a formalwear ensemble; if you'd like to wear your ascot with a casual button-down/blazer combination, simply tuck the entire ascot inside your shirt collar and leave one or two buttons undone at the top of your shirt.


That's really it! Like we said before, many people assume that because the ascot seems so formal it must be difficult to tie, but it's really one of the easiest knots you can master. Want to shop the look? Check out the Ascot category paired with a long-sleeved dress shirt. Want an ascot that's even easier to tie than this? Check out our Style Guide on the Contemporary Ascot.


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